Biobased materials for medicine

Our research interests lie at the interface of biomaterials, engineering, biology and medicine. In particular, our group is focused on integration of novel biomaterials and advanced fiber-based technologies to develop functional tissue substitutes. Our team consists of various students and researchers from different backgrounds and nationalities, and our ultimate mission is to facilitate technological translation from the lab to clinics for the better society.


We aim at combining innovative materials and technologies that can address medical challenges and improves patients’ quality of life. To achieve this goal, our group focuses on the following main directions:

  • Biomaterials design: Development of advanced biomaterials with controlled architectural, chemical, physical, and biological properties for tissue regeneration and wound dressing applications
  • Fiber-based 3D tissue constructs: Using nano/micro fiber-based technologies to engineer 3D tissues with controlled architectures
  • Cell-material interactions: Studying biomaterial-cell interactions to control cellular function for different tissue engineering applications


    MATMED will run a web-based open innovation and learning platform between regions to connect SMEs with researchers, specialised private investors and each other beyond their own regional networks.
  • BioAID
    A novel biomimetic artificial intervertebral disc: Preserving natural spinal interactions and functions with an integrated biomimetic design.
  • FibreNet
    The common goal is finding comprehensive solutions to improve and tailor the properties of fibre products.
  • Elastin mimetic polymer-peptide hybrids
    The goal of this project is to engineer functional cardiovascular tissues that have the ability to provide long-term functionality when introduced into the body.


  • MBS1001 Biomedical Challenges, Master of Biomedical Sciences
  • BBM1009 Guest Lecturer, Biomedical Materials, Master Biobased Materials
  • PHY1001 Elements of Physics, Maastricht Science Programme
  • CHE2005 Chemistry for the Future: Generation and Storage of Alternative Energy, Maastricht Science Programme
  • PRA1001 Research Methods, Maastricht Science Programme
  • Supervision of Maastricht Science Programme Bachelor Thesis projects
  • Supervision of Master Biobased Materials Thesis projects
  • Board of Admission of the Master Biobased Materials Program

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