Lignin riches

This project has the ambitious goal to lay the basis of the world’s first bio-refinery for lignin. In this project the first steps are taken towards certification of lignin crude oil as marine fuel in collaboration with a shipping company and a marine engine manufacturer. Using lignin crude oil in such a way ensures a return on investment in a short time, creating additional funding to further develop the products mentioned above.

Project status 2017-2018

In 2017, the ambitious goal of this project to realize the world’s first bio-refinery for lignin has comes several important steps closer. Not only has 2017 been the year of the first patent application within in the project, but it was also the year that a spin-off, Vertoro BV, was founded, and the investment decision to construct a barrel-per-day CLO pilot plant was made. Moreover, the first application tests with direct CLO use in phenol resins production was demonstrated. Preliminary experiments with model compounds also showed promising results in the application fields of fuel additives and phenol.

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