AACoMa – Accelerate Advanced Composite Manufacturing

The AACoMa project focuses on accelerating the advanced manufacturing of composite materials by demonstrating the needed processing technologies in close interaction with companies.

Project summary

Multimaterials (Composites) are mainly developed for the aircraft and aerospace sector because of their combined lightweight and exceptional mechanical properties. The technical progress made in in material design and advanced manufacturing processes (Industry 4.0) opens new ways for their use in many other sectors.

For SMEs desiring to develop and market novel and competitive products, composites offer innovating opportunities for applications in various industrial sectors including automotive, transport, mechanical engineering, and construction.

However, for most SMEs the implementation of disruptive technologies by introducing advanced manufacturing techniques is not without any risks. Prior to investing in new production lines, SMEs need to acquire more knowledge in advanced material and processing technologies, and to produce and test some demonstrators or prototypes.

“To introduce advanced manufacturing technologies, SME’s need skilled and experienced human resources.”




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