GLAUKOS – Circular solutions for the textile industry

Glaukos will develop innovative textile fibres and textile coatings that reconcile an excellent environmental performance with adequate technical characteristics.


Glaukos builds upon:

  • Triggerable biodegradability as key concept in polymer design to mitigate (micro) fibre pollution, and
  • Bio-recycling as sustainable end-of-life solution.

In addition, the supply chain distance is substantially reduced by scaling up a disruptive way of producing the main polymer building block (itaconic acid) from several bio-based feedstocks. The underlying objective of Glaukos is to reduce the carbon and the plastic footprint of clothing and fishing gear.

Stakeholder engagement is an integral part of the project:

  • Stakeholder Labs will be set up to involve end-users from the clothing and fishing gear industry (e.g. to match technical requirements),
  • Consumer awareness will be raised via e.g. influencer marketing, and
  • The fishing gear industry will be supported as regards to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on fishing gear litter. New Life Cycle Assessment methods will be developed to better assess the plastic footprint of textile value chains. Finally, integrated methods to assess the biodegradability and Eco toxicity of micro plastics in marine environments will be developed and their standardization initiated.



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